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About Us

We supply our customers with kitchens that give more bangs for their buck than anyone else. Sure Ikea kitchens are cheap. They also have iron-on thin lipping to the front edge of the carcase that damages easily. Are full of holes where you don’t want them, and have a very limited choice of styles and cabinets. The same applies to Howdons and Bench-Marx and Wicks.

We on the other hand have none of the above problems, and can provide you with an enormous choice of styles and sizes made with precision and quality materials.

Because of the quality of our product we cannot be the cheapest, however we are definitely not the dearest. You have probably spent several hours visiting kitchen showrooms (that cost a lot to run and are paid for by their customers), and will probably have been given an approximate idea of how much your kitchen will cost. And by now you will have a pretty good idea of what you want ( as equally important as knowing what you don’t want).

This is when you should contact us.

We provide our customers with a very personal level of service that ensures the customer is fully included in the design process. Tell us the style of kitchen you want (white gloss, matt lacquered, shaker, etc ) and we can bring along sample doors and a sample cabinet. We then take on board your requirements, prepare CAD images and provide you a quotation. The rest is up to you.

Alternatively, just send us a plan and we will design your kitchen for you, and provide a quotation.

What have you got to loose? Certainly not ££££’s.

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